Allarta is working to do away with World Diabetes Day

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – November 10, 2022 – Monday November 14th is recognized around the globe as World Diabetes Day. It was introduced back in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation as a way to galvanize worldwide awareness around this dreaded disease. But why does the entire world come together on that day in particular, you ask? It’s in respect and honor of the birthday of Frederick Banting who, together with Charles Best, discovered insulin in a tiny lab in Toronto in 1921. That discovery turned diabetes from a death sentence into a chronic condition and has gone on to save hundreds of millions of lives. (It’s estimated that between 150-200 million people worldwide depend on insulin for their health.)

Now, our goal is to find a cure for diabetes, to make it yesterday’s disease and not tomorrow’s, and certainly not a disease that today diminishes the lives of millions of people around the world.

This is Allarta’s purpose, to use stem cell science to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

But let’s get back to Frederick Banting.

We feel a special kinship with Dr. Banting. Not only because we’re fellow Canadians, but we’re essentially from the same part of Canada in that his personal home, now a National Historic site known as Banting House, is just over an hour’s drive from Allarta. To think that such a widespread and global disease that affects the millions of people it does, could be cured by the combined efforts of dedicated people from a small area in the southwestern tip of Ontario, Canada is, well, inspiring.

And it’s that inspiration with which we pay our respect and give thanks to Dr. Banting by making a donation and literally laying a brick in the courtyard of Banting House to commemorate his legacy in the fight against diabetes.

Said Grant Maltman, Curator, Banting House National Historic Site, Diabetes Canada, “We’re thankful to Allarta and others from around the world who pay tribute to Dr. Banting, or perhaps a friend or family member affected by diabetes, and become part of the legacy themselves at the birthplace of insulin.”

“We’re grateful to be able to have a literal touchstone at Banting House as a reminder of why we do what we do, and that we stand on the shoulders of Dr. Banting” added Maria Antonakos, Allarta Co-Founder and COO.

We’ll keep recognizing World Diabetes Day until we don’t have to anymore, and until such time that November 14th will be just like any other day.

Allarta Life Science
Allarta is a pre-clinical life science platform company based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, developing next generation biomaterials and therapies for immune privileged delivery and storage of cells, stem cells and biologics. Allarta’s platform technology is founded on 30 years of foundational research in polymer science from the academic lab of McMaster University chemistry professor, Dr. Harald Stover.

Banting House
Under the stewardship of Diabetes Canada, Banting House National Historic Site of Canada creates public awareness and understanding of the national historic significance of Sir Frederick Banting and preserves the commemorative integrity of Banting House, the birthplace of insulin, for the benefit of the people of Canada. The museum celebrates not only the most important Canadian medical discovery of the twentieth century, but the life and career of Sir Frederick Grant Banting (1891-1941), a scientist, artist, and war hero.